About AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS and me

 Help me improve your experience you have in my shop by helping me understand your needs. Here is an anonymous easy poll that you can take . Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions below!

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Gift cards

I do not have Gift Cards in my shop! So never ever get one if anyone is telling you its from my shop!!

Some guys are selling gift cards for many main stores....DO NOT BE TRICKED! Do not accept any gift card that is sold to you...it is not safe and it is possible that the gift card will be empty...you only accept gift cards straight from main store vendors or by the creator/customer assistance themselves! 

We are not responsible if you get tricked by someone!!


✔Zero tolerance for bs & Drama Free.
✔No random: tp,friend’s request ,calls =its rude
✔Reasons to unfriend you: too many mass tp, being rude, asking for money or sex
✔Against animal abuse in any way. Those that do it must be put in jail.
✔ I love positive people and great contact
✔All you want is sex then do not waste my

✔My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on how you treat me.
✔ Age: born at 1976
✔ Food for Thought: Behind each av, there is a human. Treat each avi, as you would want to be treated as a person.


The 14 year old girl holding hands with her 3 year old son, the one you just called a slut... She was raped at the age of 11.

The girl you just called fat...shes overdosing on diet pills.

The girl you just called ugly... she spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.

The boy you just tripped... he is abused enough at home.

See that man with the ugly scars... he fought for his country.

That guy you just made fun of for crying... his mother is dying.

I am from Greece. I adore helping :DD



What do I sell: 

* Gestures.
* Fashion for him & her :( for mesh bodies & classic ones, biker, formal, casual, seasonal,many styles).

* Full perm textures to be applied on full mesh items. & more.

❇ About the demos:

✔The demos are free.

✔You are not going to get any of the fabric HUDs as demos.

✔Because people can steal our work even from a demo, that's why I do not give my fabric HUDs as demo & that's why I do give only a fabric as a demo and not all the fabrics I sell.

✔People can steal your work even from those 5 minutes demos, so that is why I do not use them.


✔I try to show what you are pay for at the pictures I use & for more detail pictures you can view my Marketplace page where I can put more than 1 picture so I can show the item in more details than in here where the vendors can take only 1 picture per item. 

❇ Rules of the use of my groups:

✔To my groups only I , my best friend bee Tizzy and my so good friend Fusia Blaisdale can post notices.

✔If you have found a place that is asking people to work there or a place that they give free L (linden) or they are full of free stuff, let me know I will go see it and I will decide if I will put it in my next post.

✔If you see anyone else, use my group to post porno or spam links or ask for money or spam it in any other way please tell me ( send me a notecard with what they wrote to my profile or to my mail box at my shop ) so I can ban them from this group and my shop.

✔ If you want to just chat polite you can use the chat of this group to say hello and talk POLITE without be rude to anyone in anyway.

✔Heather.J.H (hjh69) it's a very good friend of mine and she can open the chat of my group to chat with you all anytime.

✔Ty for those that ask me if they can use my group to post stuff for their shop even if I say no I still appreciate that they ask me.


✔If you have a club or sell something other than what I sell and you will want to post 1 time per week in my group you need to talk to me send me a notecard and with a fee per post & after I review - & see that fit my style - what you want to post I can put your notecard in to mine.

I strive to keep all my customers satisfied at all times. I really love creating stuff for others to enjoy, even more if I can provide at reasonable prices the selection you were looking for and couldn't find. For any further questions, suggestions, comments, troubleshooting, etc don't hesitate to contact me.

★In order to take my free gifts you need to wear my FREE to join group.

★No more V.I.P. group is needed in order to take the gifts i give (some were only available to my V.I.P. group) . ALL Gifts are free now because I read many posts the past few weeks from users that cannot afford to dress up and they are been bullied about their poor look & I have been in their shoes, so I want to help them on that as much as I can so I am letting my gifts totally free so people who cannot afford to put money in this game can at least find something to wear from me too.

They is one in world groups.

A free one where you can get so many free gifts that I have at my shop ( in lucky letters and in 2 scrolling vendors )

★The lucky letters have more than one free gift in them. As time change a new free gift is up. 

★The vendors with the free group gifts have pages.Use the arrows to view the next page.


The hover text above them inform you of how many free group gifts are in and in what number you are so you will know when the last page will come or if you need to go back to a gift you want to take to know what number it is.

★The Raffles board gives every day to 1 lucky person that add his or her name 100L$. 
Money that you can spend anywhere you want and not only in my shop. 
That means 7 winner per week 
You need to wear my Free to join group & add my place to your pics and be 2 months old or more so you can add your name in the board.

Money is not everything to me, seeing happy faces is. It's amazing to offer free gifts or help newcomers with the basics and make sure they start their SL adventure in some decent clothing. I believe it makes them feel welcomed, helps them feel less lonely and shows them that SL can be a very cozy and friendly place.

I'm always willing to reply when customers call, and help them with any problem they may have. I respect and value the money they have paid, and I want them to know that. I only ask you to be polite and send me the payment transcript of the item you need help with. Many don't do that, so I spend lots of time trying to confirm their purchase, so please help me out to serve you better..

❇ About the Color Hud



* When you use 'Add' to attach my color Hud/s to show up on your screen, it will give you a Message in local chat asking you to wait.

Example: 'Color Changer Hud-Elegant One Button Closed Front Slim Suit: Color Hud Script is Starting up, Please Wait...'

wait until it tells you that it is ready in order for you to be able to use it. Why does it do this? Its just how this particular Color Hud works.

Example: 'Color Changer Hud-Elegant One Button Closed Front Slim Suit: Ready.'

* If you click the letter 'R' button ('R'as in Reset) on the color hud, this will undo the color or colors you have added/changed and reset it back to the original color.

* If the fabric itself is not white on an item, the color Hud cannot make it white for you.

* Before you Click at the 'R' button, First click on the button of the face you want to undo the color on and then click the R to undo the color.

(Faces are the parts of the mesh item that you can color. Example: If my color hud has 'top + sleeves + collar'...Those 3 are different faces/parts. Some mesh items are made with many faces/part to color and texture differently and not only as one color or as one fabric)

* Some of my Color Huds have many buttons (buttons are the names on the color Hud. Example: top,all,skirt,back,pants etc.) and some only one. It's because the mesh item has many parts or its only one part all of it. Therefore, it depends on how the mesh item has been made.

* On the Color Hud there is a Sliding Bar near the 'R' button & when you have chosen a color, You may also choose to lighten or darken the shade you chose by either left clicking in the bar or by clicking & dragging in this Slider Bar up or down until your desired shade is reached.

* If you see a button saying 'ALL' or 'All', this button will apply the chosen color to the whole of the mesh item and it can be undone if you click it and then click the 'R' button. Not all of my color Huds have this button You will probably find it when they are many buttons on one Hud & not when the color Hud has only 1 button available to be used.


★ I hope you are able to understand the help instructions I have written and that they are helpful to you and they did not made your mind pop out :P

★ Thanks for buying from me & do not forget, if something is not working or if something is missing,

Please let me know so i can fix it! ☺


 "A letter "to all of you that buy stuff from secondlife. 

★ A creator not only spend hours on looking what full perm mesh to buy to work on it but we spend the same among of hours creating it.

It takes time to put those hud scripts on all those mesh items because in some cases we have 10 or 20 items to rez and link an item and put scripts and so on because they are so many mesh bodies out there.

Then we make fabrics & the vendor pictures & the promotion & the marketplace item.

★ Sometimes we see many people putting out there the same full perm as a gift or for 1L to 30L violating the terms of use and some of you come and complain that you had pay for something that someone else gives for free even if it's not the same fabric on it or they give 1 fabric but you have pay for 10 fabrics but still you complain.

★ Most of us we provide free demos and even so - so few of you bother to try them and then complain that it does not fit you in a rude way and some of you with a threat when we do not give you your money back or review it hatefully.

★ Many of you never read what we write on the vendor pictures or at the marketplace and when you open the box you are rude when the fabric hud is there but you have not seen it or when you got it thinking it was something else that what we wrote the box includes.


★ When we create something, we take the risk that it may not sell at all or it may sell so few that we will not going to get back the money it cost us to make it & buy the full perm .







The reasons I make so many fabrics:


Its so simple, I want to give choices to my costumers and I want to have a style for everyone out there that is looking for something that feels like them and they cannot find it. That's why I make so many different fabrics. Not to be as some say "another boring shop with many fabric huds"


I have ask my group members to vote for what fabric I will upload and sale because I want to know their needs and try to listen to what they like.

But from a group with 6000 members only 3 reply and said yes.

I am wondering why in so many facebook sl groups so many complain that their needs are never listen and when you ask them to vote on what idea will be for sale they are not doing it?

Why people are only interested on yelling, being rude, complaining, bulling others but they do not take part on the good things others offer them?!

Marketplace and facebook and other social media gives you the ok to vote when something is good or bad but most never ever vote when something is good. What wrong with people?!

Why negativity is more important? Why use those social ways only to promote negativity?! Why teach our kids to care only on yelling, being rude, complaining, bulling others?!  

You ask me and No I do not have a team of people helping me.


Everything is been done by me. Searching for full perm mesh clothes, making vendor or promoting pictures, promoting my work, boxing and putting my products for sale, looking for hunts and making hunt and group gifts. Thinking what idea fits this mesh item and making it, making the Huds (adding the scripts to the mesh sizes). Everything you see happening I do it myself. 

Get my New Fashion releases FREE!

Yes that right!

Why I do it?

 Why not!

Why not make some of my group members & costumers smile!

They are two ways for that to happen.

First way is by being lucky and fast when I open my (Free to join) group chat and play games with those that happen to be online at that time! Every time I make something new I open the group chat and give it away too few of my group members.


Second and new way (2020 idea of mine) is:

See what I sale, only on what I sale!

Do you have an idea on a mesh fashion item?

For example: a fabric you will love to see on it and wear it or a logo.  

Put in a notecard the link of the fabric or logo (it can be a google link for example or from a real life picture. Not from marketplace where some other shop creator sale it.) and the link of the item I sale or the full name of the item (I sale so many things make it easier to know for what mesh item you are talking about). Moreover, rename the notecard male or female idea for something you sale (if it’s a male idea write male idea) and drop it in my mail box in my shop (so it will not get lost).

The ideas that I will choose to make the person that have send it to me in a notecard, will get it FREE.

I will put it out for sale but the one that wrote it as an idea will get it FREE!!