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AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS, one brand three Marke

Contacting instructions

Sl can eat everything we all know that, so if you have send me a notecard and i have not reply to you in 2 days please try here or try to send it again.

✔ Please be polite.

✔ Send me inworld IM or a Notecard or drop NC in mailbox in my world store. always send me the payment transcript of the item you need help with.

✔ if I don't reply in 2 days, then probably SL ate your IM or Notecard, so please send it again.

✔ If something is missing or it does not work; Please let me know so I can fix it.

✔ Most of my products come with a demo. It is automatically assumed you have tried the demo before purchasing any of those items, so there will be no refunds without a really good reason. Defective or broken items will be refunded, after I confirm there is indeed a problem that cannot be fixed.

✔ Copyable items that come without a demo will not be refunded, unless they are broken and cannot be fixed.

✔ If you haven't asked for help and you rate poorly any of my items via a review in its Marketplace page, Please be kind and thoughtful by letting me and other readers know in detail what went wrong.

✔ A lifetime free updates policy for all our products. When purchasing a product, you are automatically receive any future updates


Money is not everything to me, seeing happy faces is. It's amazing to offer free gifts or help newcomers with the basics and make sure they start their SL adventure in some decent clothing. I believe it makes them feel welcomed, helps them feel less lonely and shows them that SL can be a very cozy and friendly place.

I'm always willing to reply when customers call, and help them with any problem they may have. I respect and value the money they have paid, and I want them to know that. I only ask you to be polite and send me the payment transcript of the item you need help with. Many don't do that, so I spend lots of time trying to confirm their purchase, so please help me out to serve you better.

Success! Message received.

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