AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS is looking for bloggers.

Get fashion clothing for free in return for blogging about it.

Even if you are new on blogging, I will be happy to help, you start by blogging for me.

If you are interested, send an in-world notecard to kalliopi Ziplon with the following information:

* Your avatar calling card:

* Your blog url, if you have one

* Your flickr url, if you have one

* Your facebook url

* Url's of any other sl groups in social sites you will be posting to

* Please state how many items you can blog/week:

*It is required that you only wear clothing from my store in your blog post. If for instance it is a top, please wear a skirt or a pair of jeans from my store. Or if it is jeans for example you are blogging about, please wear a top from Amazing Creations.

*Please only give credit in you blogs for Amazing Creations for other stores only if they are poses or accessories.

*How often can you post a blog for me?

*Will you be blogging for male or female or both?

*It is required that you tag my name and Amazing Creations Facebook fan page on your facebook post, so I can see where you post and how often you do

* Most of my items have fabric huds with many fabrics to choose from, so if you can please show them all

*Please send me an n/c listing which item or group gift you wish to blog about each time so I send it to you. I will not be sending out every new release to my bloggers.

If it is, a shirt for example you are blogging about you can ask me for a top and a pair of shoes to make it an outfit per post or use ones you already have from my store.

*Name your notecard as follows: Interested in blogging - your name





Hello to each and every one of my amazing bloggers!

Things have changed and I am so sorry if I had overloaded you with work in the past.

From now on, YOU will send me a notecard with the item of your choice that you have seen in my facebook group or at my MP page or on my flickr and that you would like to blog about,

Only my group gifts cannot be seen at my MP page but you can see them at my social pages or from my group in sl.

So from now on you can view my new clothes & my new group gifts on my social pages or from my group notices and you can send me a notecard with the full name of the new item (or at best the link from the MP ) or group gift you would like to post and I will send them to you.

I hope this will make your work easy and more fun, as YOU will be picking what you like and want to blog about!

I'll be waiting for your notecard with your request!!




If you do not get a reply for some reason, please re-send your notecard or email me with the chosen item/items so I send them to you