Rules for Full-perm Textures - For Amazing Creations.

✔ Please respect the hours I spend making them and I am taking a big risk by giving my work full-perm, so please follow the rules. By buying my Full Perm products and using them you agree to my rules.

✔ No money back because they are full-perm and no matter what you can have them and use them forever.

✔You are not allowed to give my textures to anyone else. They are only intended to be used by you. You may apply them to your mesh objects and sell the objects, but you may not Sell, Resell or Transfer my textures to anyone else, not even to you alternate accounts. Also, you are not allowed to use any of my textures in or for any other game or platform, besides Second Life.

✔You are allowed to modify any of my full-perm textures, but when you apply them to the mesh object, You then Must make these No Transfer, By either and/or un-ticking, Turn-off and being sure no matter what viewer you are using for SL to disable any Transfer permissions of the mesh object before selling it. So it cannot be passed on or transferred to any other avatar.

✔When you apply them to the mesh object make sure your mesh item is NO MODIFY to others so that way they cannot steal the texture from the mesh item.

✔ You are not allowed to sell your textured mesh object cheaper than L$60. This also means that you cannot give under any circumstances give it away as a freebie.

✔ If you are caught breaking any of the above rules, Linden Labs will be informed immediately. In this event, They then, will remove my items and all mesh objects using them from your inventory and from the inventories of all those who have been given or obtained them in any way from you by the breaking or infringement of these rules.

✔You must Not Sell my full-perm textures in any form (My texture are only to be put on the mesh item by you and then sale the mesh item in your shop not sale my texture), or give away mesh objects with any of my textures on them, or selling the mesh objects with their transfer and modify permission set to on.

✔ If I see you sell my texture in any way or your mesh item with transfer + modify or full perm, I will request immediately that Linden Labs delete my item from your inventory and any other accounts holding the item that are seen to have broken or be in possession in inventories of these items by breaking of these rules.

✔ Any of my textures that cost more than 10L$ cannot be used for group or free gifts. Less than 10L$ you may use them for a group gift or hunts. 

✔I reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules at any time without a prior notice.

If you have any questions about these rules please contact me if clarification is needed.

Thank you,

Kalliopi Ziplon

Rules for making you a full perm texture:

I have seen people buying my work and then resell it and rub it in my face or give it away free to others. I know you may not be one of those people but that’s what they said to me when I made something for them or when they pay for something I already sale agreeing to my rules and then they acted it as they did. Therefore, if I am going to be dealing with that kind of drama at least I prefer to get paid well.

I know when you read me, I sound like a diva but I spend days looking for materials and days or hours testing them to make you your demos. I deserve to get paid for my work. You get it full perm and you get to sale it in any price you like and earn from it nonstop. I get to be paid once! And take the rick to work for someone that will not pay me or give away my work or resale it as full perm.

✔ One texture and 5 colors of it if the work can be recolored well: costs 2500L$.

✔ If the work I have done for you- you want me to put it for sale at my full perm marketplace too and if it ever been sold its sold then you pay me: 1500L$

✔ If the fabric I used to make you the full perm texture you do not want me to use it to another work as a full perm (I never sale something I made for you to others but I may use the same fabric in another idea but never the same way), then you pay me: 10.000L$

What you get paying the 2500L$:

Now how it works: you send me an inworld notecard with real life pictures if available to show me what you want or don’t want if you just want to make something you have pay for having off something and I will let you know if I can do it. Be specific please. Then you box or send me a folder if I say I can do it with the mesh object as I wrote above and the ao map or if you want specific fabrics that you have pay for send them too.

✔ A few demos that you will get to your email so you can see them in the game as free temporary textures (sl gives you that option). Then you tell me of those demos which ones you want to buy one or all of them or 2 of them…...

✔ Seeing the demos that’s when you ask me to make a change or to fix something that I have missed.

✔ After you get them full perm as you wanted them at the first place, if you want something extra to be added or to get off if it is easy to do you pay 500L more if it is hard to do and it will take me hours or days then 1000L more or so.

✔ Some of the fabrics or materials I may add may not be colored beautiful so you cannot get the 5 colors. I will let you know, show you how it will looks like and you get to choose if you want them or not (I will tell you when you get the demos). If the work I have done is hard you will still be going to pay me 2500L without the 5 colors, if not you get to pay me 2000L without the 5 extra colors.  

 ✔ When I will send you the original work not the demo, I am going to send it to your email so no matter what there is a prove that I did! So, you need to have an email if we are going to be working together.

✔ Any of the demos you will not get I can sale them to my full perm MP shop. If you do not want me to you have to pay them.

 ✔ You cannot give away the full perm fabric I made for you in any way!

✔ You can use it only on the mesh object and sale that mesh object no modify so others cannot steal it from you.

✔ You cannot take and sale it in another game other than secondlife. If you want to you will pay me again the same money and let me know.

✔ You can use the mesh item no modify as a free gift for 30 days.

✔ If something else is needed to be added as a rule I am going to.

✔ If you make mesh clothes and you want us to team up so I can sale fabrics for your mesh clothes let me know! You will send me one size no transfer but modify and copy for the pictures and to work on it. The ao map of course and any shadow map. I will make fabrics for it add it to my full perm MP put you 20% of the sales and let you know!

If you can provide me with a size to use it as a demo is more than welcome since will increase sales and I will truly be grateful and never betray your trust! (That means you give me your trust by giving me a size full perm so I will use it as a demo no modify no transfer so others can rez it down and see the demo fabric how it looks like on the mesh item before they pay for it to ensure more sales!!)